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I recently ran into a post talking about how to make one of the new iphones and it provided some textures and stuff. It took me a while, but I finally put it together. The lighting was the hardest and it’s not perfect. You need to place the lights just right to capture the reflectivity of the back of the phone. Took me a number of tries just to get some reflection. There may be a lot of things wrong with this, but the model looks pretty good. Anyway, if you want to zip file, let me know! Enjoy!

A little modeling of the new iphone 4.0


Well, I have successfully created my first creature, still some work to go, but it’s all coming together. I hope to add to this, but I need to buy C4D it will not let me save in the demo. This is a mom and her kid. Anyway, enjoy my 3D octopus things. 🙂

What is this???

I was messing around with displacement maps in After Effects and you can get some cool effects. I found that with some expressions and gradients that move over time can make for some pretty cool looking fire. Add to that some particle smoke and little bits dropping off and you got your self a cool looking animation. I found a great tutorial from Andrew Kramer on that shows you how to do this effect and then use it on any objects with some tweaks. Enjoy!

Fun with Displacement Maps

Another experiment in 3D. These are some pixel guys from High Quality Pixel. This could make a nice desktop. For me, it was an test of figuring out how to use specular maps and lights as well as using reflection. So many material properties to worry about. Anyway, Enjoy!

a pink desktop full of 3d pixels

It is difficult to believe that there may still be a PS3 owner, or a gamer out there who hasn’t yet heard of thatgamecompany’s Flower. The game was showered with awards and recognition since its release in 2008, most recently winning a BAFTA award for Artistic Achievement in 2010. It is also one of my personal favorites and one of these games I’d recommend to anyone without any second thoughts.

Much like other titles of the studio, Flower is an unusual title, often categorized as ambient gaming experience. It is a genre I have been very fond of for quite a while – an interactive entertainment type where player’s immersion and emotions take precedence over the score, reflexes or button mashing. It is a game that lets you relax and enjoy yourself in front of the console – a commodity much valued at the end of a busy day.

A screen from That game company's game FLOWER

I’ve recently been playing around with Cinema 4D and I have to say, it’s pretty amazing. There is a lot to learn, but the UI is very intuitive and I find it one of the easier programs to use. I have  used Cheetah 3D which is a great cheap 3-D program and also Blender which I’ve heard has gotten better.

Anyway I wanted to learn about C3D so I mocked up a little model of my hard drive on my desk and my iphone box and some biz cards. It turned out pretty cool, the hard drive needs a chord and the iphone box needs to be slightly rounded, but I did not break it apart so, I have to live with it. I can’t save my file either because this copy is a demo, so I wanted to remember this. More 3D updates to come. Let me know what you think!

Some objects I modeled in Cinema 4D

Recently my friend and I have been doing a lot of banners t night helping out some friends of ours at agencies. We decided, that we truly love banners, we love the design challenge, we love the limited space, the expandables, the little guys, all of them.

They are not going away either, we see them everywhere, on the web, on the bottom of our TV’s on our mobile phones, at the movie theaters, inside our XBOX and inside out video games. We decided to compose an small production shop that does nothing BUT banners. Big ones, Small ones, colorful ones, interactive ones and so forth.

Our original idea was Banner Army of the Dead, but upon further reflection when we combined some basic banner shapes, they resembled a brontosaurus. In an instant the name came to us….Bannersaurus, not only did it work with the image, but also, it says (between the lines) Banners R US which is awesome!. Below is the logo animation I did recently. Enjoy!

I recently did this mock up to play with particles and use some custom particles. The particles explode from the center and outward in different sizes to reveal the sub tag line and then the logo. A light effect was used on the logo to bring it in and then the little pixel guy winks. It was a fun experiment to do and I learned a lot about Trapcode’s particular plug in.

After much contemplation we have settled on a name for the rock band. The Joyce Brother’s Band. Below is our “acting” logo, it may change, but would love to know your thoughts. It’s a play on of course, Dr. Joyce Brother’s and creating a fictional story of 4 brothers, bound for glory and fame.

I was astonished recently to learn how easy it is to create Fog in After Effects using the Fractal Noise filter and a time* expression. The trick is to add multiple layers of the clouds and tweak the parameters to mix them up a bit to create more realism. Using the same filter you can also create light streaks as well. Very underestimated filter. Anyway, news to the wise 🙂