Archive for July 7, 2010

I wanted to post my star video again. I added some new layers, and a glow effect on it which made it even more neon looking. I also used the Wiggle expression to effect the scale, position and rotation of the star. To jazz it up even more, I put a movie of Amsterdam at night behind it to give the movie more motion instead of a static image.

I think this effect works pretty well. The original effect seen in the Sprint commercials uses actual flashlights and slows down time, but this effect almost mimics it. You have to put random light sources jumping around to give it a little imperfection and randomness as well as a hotspot on where the light is coming from.  Anyway, Enjoy!


I wanted to post this, it’s more experimenting with light streaks as seen in the Ipod ads. Pretty cool effect, still learning.