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Polygon Table

I ran across this and wanted to post it. It’s a polygon table for 3D. Enjoy!


I just learned about gradients in the texture tool in Cinema 4D and it’s really cool. So I tried it out on some 3D balls I was messing with. It’s a nice texture and you get a sharp two color pattern. Have a look!

I recently ran into a post talking about how to make one of the new iphones and it provided some textures and stuff. It took me a while, but I finally put it together. The lighting was the hardest and it’s not perfect. You need to place the lights just right to capture the reflectivity of the back of the phone. Took me a number of tries just to get some reflection. There may be a lot of things wrong with this, but the model looks pretty good. Anyway, if you want to zip file, let me know! Enjoy!

A little modeling of the new iphone 4.0

Well, I have successfully created my first creature, still some work to go, but it’s all coming together. I hope to add to this, but I need to buy C4D it will not let me save in the demo. This is a mom and her kid. Anyway, enjoy my 3D octopus things. 🙂

What is this???

High Quality Pixels

Another experiment in 3D. These are some pixel guys from High Quality Pixel. This could make a nice desktop. For me, it was an test of figuring out how to use specular maps and lights as well as using reflection. So many material properties to worry about. Anyway, Enjoy!

a pink desktop full of 3d pixels

I’ve recently been playing around with Cinema 4D and I have to say, it’s pretty amazing. There is a lot to learn, but the UI is very intuitive and I find it one of the easier programs to use. I have  used Cheetah 3D which is a great cheap 3-D program and also Blender which I’ve heard has gotten better.

Anyway I wanted to learn about C3D so I mocked up a little model of my hard drive on my desk and my iphone box and some biz cards. It turned out pretty cool, the hard drive needs a chord and the iphone box needs to be slightly rounded, but I did not break it apart so, I have to live with it. I can’t save my file either because this copy is a demo, so I wanted to remember this. More 3D updates to come. Let me know what you think!

Some objects I modeled in Cinema 4D