Category: Band Art

I have been working on a new logo for my band STARTRUCK. Still working on it

but wanted to post this logo. I made the font from scratch in illustrator and then

brought it into photoshop. Enjoy!



Inspired by Jonathan Livingston Seagul

Band Posters

For a while now I have been designing posters for my band, Dave Hates Chico. I love to find crazy pics or old time rock and roll posters and use them as my base for the poster. I have done some pretty fun ones over the few months for shows we have played and so I wanted to post them here on my blog so that you could all see. Anyway, hope you like.

Posters of Shows I have designed for my band.

After much contemplation we have settled on a name for the rock band. The Joyce Brother’s Band. Below is our “acting” logo, it may change, but would love to know your thoughts. It’s a play on of course, Dr. Joyce Brother’s and creating a fictional story of 4 brothers, bound for glory and fame.