Recently my friend and I have been doing a lot of banners t night helping out some friends of ours at agencies. We decided, that we truly love banners, we love the design challenge, we love the limited space, the expandables, the little guys, all of them.

They are not going away either, we see them everywhere, on the web, on the bottom of our TV’s on our mobile phones, at the movie theaters, inside our XBOX and inside out video games. We decided to compose an small production shop that does nothing BUT banners. Big ones, Small ones, colorful ones, interactive ones and so forth.

Our original idea was Banner Army of the Dead, but upon further reflection when we combined some basic banner shapes, they resembled a brontosaurus. In an instant the name came to us….Bannersaurus, not only did it work with the image, but also, it says (between the lines) Banners R US which is awesome!. Below is the logo animation I did recently. Enjoy!