Category: Illustration/Painting

I love this, great type and design

A Twitter type poster


This illustrator I found was awesome. He does a lot of this style and I really liked the stuff he did. HAve a look at this

it’s a tiled background you can use to make a desktop with.

I have won a photo contest and a month’s supply of Pop chips or something. They are yummy so that is cool. Anyway below is my futuristic version that I just posted on Twitter of Pop Chips in the future.

I found this chart showing all the characters from the Simpsons’ and all the actors that do their voices. So cool. I love the simpsons and this was a great way to see who does what and who is the voice of who. Plus it’s a great graphic.

A great Illustration and a great idea. I love the style on this illustration and the colors. Very well done.