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Starbucks Sirena

A site my company, Peel Interactive, did in collaboration with Starbucks Coffee Company to promote their new Sirena Coffee Machine

A Flash Website for the new Sirena Coffee Machine


Site Peel did for History Channel for Dogfights. It was about the anatomy of 3 planes.

History Channel's Dogfights Website

The site my company’s site, Peel Interactive, did for ESPN’s Fantasy Football.

This was a game we did for Nickelodeon for the Kid’s Choice Awards. Players had to ride a skateboard through LA jumping and catching letters and pulling tricks. The are trying to get to the end of the level within the time zone.

Nickelodeon KCA Awards Game

Game for the KCA Awards

My company Peel worked with ESPN to design the site for this years, ESPN the WEEKEND with Disney. It was a fun project and the ESPN guys are great. We had a lot of fun working together and the site was a success. I hope to work with them again soon!

site for ESPN & Disney


This was a site and game that we did at Peel to promote the show LIfe After People. The player has to choose the right videos and place them in the right chronological order in time before the clock runs out. They can watch the movies first and then place them. Each wrong placement results in the interface getting rusty, cracking, getting overgrown with ivy and eventually falling apart. Have fun, be safe.

A game for History Channel

A game for History channel's Life After People

Recently at Peel we created an all Flash and After Effects website for Tree Top’s latest beverage, Tree Top Trim. Anyway. it was a lot of fun and we got to get a little crazy with it. If you want to see the site it’s here

Main Page for Site

Enlightened Fruit!

Recently we, at Peel, worked with KIA and The History Channel to create a virtual tour for KIA. We create 4 unique areas where users can explore and uncover text, images and videos. It was made with papervision to create a 3D effect. Users can learn about the different areas of the factory and how a KIA car is built.

The starting page for the virtual KIA tour