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Password hacking is usually presented as a quite dull process in Hollywood visuals. It is even more dull in real life. In this tutorial QubaHG will show you my take on a HolOS password hacking interface – spicing it up with After Effects 2.5D crossword puzzle look. Very cool!

QubaHQ tutorial


I wanted to post this, it’s more experimenting with light streaks as seen in the Ipod ads. Pretty cool effect, still learning.

I recently did a tutorial on how to re-create the light effects from Sprints latest commercials. Watch Tutorial

Anyway, it was a very great tutorial and it taught me some stuff I did not know. The tutorial had a image of a city in the back, but I grabbed some video of Amsterdam at night to have motion in the background since it looked weird to have the strokes moving but not the background. Anyway, what came out was pretty cool. Have a look and if you like, do the tutorial. Enjoy!

Boxing Promo

I recently did this as practice on making a movie look like it was on the jumbotron with CC Ball Action. It turned out pretty cool. Enjoy!

Video Teaser

I recently did a video where some letters DHC (my band) exploded. It was more or less a test to see if I could learn more about particles, cloudlets and using null objects with the shatter effect. It still needs some work, but I thought I would post a snippet here. Enjoy